“I Love Anime”. Watch Samuel L. Jackson Answer Questions About Himself From Google

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is no stranger to anime and camp. He voiced the lead and produced Gonzo and Spike TV‘s Afro Samurai, starred in the live-action version of Kite, and has a reoccurring role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Nick Fury. He’s been a Jedi and has saved a plane overrun with venomous snakes.

In a video produced with Wired, Jackson decided to do what most people avoid at all costs: he Googled himself. Using Google’s auto-fill feature, Jackson put in his name to see what most searchers want to know about him and then answered the questions that came up. Most are related to his filmography, like Black Snake Moan and Star Wars, but one of the questions asks whether the actor likes anime.
He responds, “Yes, and hentai, too,” and then laughs quite a bit. See for yourself and learn some more useful Samuel L. Jackson trivia in the video.
Source: Anime News NetworkAnimenews
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