Game of Thrones s7e6 Review: Jon and Dany Setting Up A Love Story, Arya Shows Her Hand

The recent episode of Game of Thrones – ‘Beyond the Wall’ was an hour-long episode that showcased life beyond the wall and also how dangerously close the White Walkers are to the West.
Episode 6 saw Cersei cosying up to her baby daddy/lover/brother/defender (the list is literally endless), while also telling him he will get his head chopped off if he ever betrays her again, after Jamie let Tyrion both in and out of Westeros unharmed. And that was all there was as they didn’t feature in this episode at all.
Littlefinger did what he knows how to do best: scheme, plot and turn people against each other to get what he wants… This time, he set up Arya and Sansa through a handwritten letter. Arya used the opportunity to show Sansa just how powerful she had become – thanks to her faceless technique – and why Sansa shouldn’t dare mess with Jon’s title as King of the North. Since no one will notice Sansa is dead, should Arya decide to kill her and take her place. If we are being honest, the North wouldn’t care if that letter of Sansa’s betrayal is shown to the Northern army, they will hold no objections to Arya taking Sansa’s place… but Littlefinger wouldn’t want that, would he?
The major highlight was the Suicide Squad of Game of Thrones who went on a journey to bring back a White Walker for Dany (yeah, we are calling her that now) and Cersei to see how much they needed to join forces to defeat the enemies to the South.

The Suicide Squad— Jon Snow, Ser Jorah ‘The Bear’ Mormont, Gendry ‘The Bull’ Waters, Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane, Ser Berric Dondarrion, Thoros the Priest and Tormund Giantsbane — started off on a Lord of the Rings-esq montage by travelling all the way to where the White Walkers are, and were immediately attacked by a ‘wight’  bear, who was coincidentally brought down by Jorah ‘The Bear’ Mormont. Then, a group of wights along with their White Walker commander pass by to make it easier for our heroes to catch one – which is meant to be a textbook for a group of seasoned men… But they didn’t account for the wight’s ‘Canary Cry’.

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The captured wight screams and calls the full army of the walkers and Jon Snow’s men fight against an overwhelming horde of them before Calvary came in the form of Daenerys and her three dragons – who happily burnt the White Walkers like they did the traitorous Tyrells.

However, everything changed when the Night King threw a spear at one of the Dragons; Viserion, who died screaming, crying and left his mother whiter and paler than the white dress she was wearing… On another note, wasn’t that Javelin throw just too amazing? Someone sign the Night King up for 2020’s Olympics.

At the behest of Jon, Dany takes the captured Walker and the Squad out of the way, save for Jon who was currently under the ice, and Thoros who froze to death. The King of the North is saved by his Uncle Benjy who ended up dying in his stead.

Jon rides back to Eastwatch, and he and Dany share a cosy, emotional moment on the ship back to Dragonstone. They form an alliance to defeat the Night King and then also share what we hope may be the start of something new (Cue the High School Musical song).

What We Think

  • Littlefinger fears Arya Stark because he knows he can’t get her under his control, so the only way thing left to do is get her out of his way. We, however, don’t think he has accounted for Arya’s level of maturity as she may possibly see through his tricks and end up taking him out of the equation, instead of her sister, Sansa. Especially since he doesn’t know about her being a faceless assassin. 

  • Now that Tyrion is talking about the future of Dany’s bloodline and an heir to her throne and what she’s trying to build, Daenerys and Jon may start some romance, which only makes sense if they want to keep the Targaryen line flowing. If Jon can come back from the dead, surely his baby-making gels can get Dany preggaz, right? *Gulps*

All in all, the episode really set things up nicely for the season finale next week with the right type of action, drama, romance, and as usual, a new Valar Morghulis to light a candle for.

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