Game of Thrones S7E4 Review: Had Daenerys Gone Mad?

Let me just start by saying, “I Called It”. I knew Daenerys would ask Jon Snow for advice after finding out what happened to the Unsullied at Casterly Rock.
Episode four of Game of Thrones season 7 is probably the most epic episode in the history of the show. Finally, we got to see a taste of what the Dragons will do during the final war, and we also got a glimpse of how prepared Cersei Lannister and Westeros were in making sure the dragons are dealt with.
The episode had little to no talk, but a whole lot of action. It’s really amazing to see how much Arya and Bran have both grown and matured compared to their big sister (who may probably be swayed by Littlefinger at some point). Arya is like a one-man army, and Bran’s all seeing eyes are valuable assets to the fight against the White Walkers. All that’s left is for the leadership of Jon Snow to battle and defeat the White Walkers.

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On the other hand, Daenerys may be slipping into the mad state her grandfather was in. With Jon Snow telling her that shedding blood isn’t the way to win the war and her going against it anyway, Her decision to attack, burn, and kill the army of Tyrell (the ones who betrayed the House) may make others see something disastrous in her and she may start losing followers. With the way Tyrion looked at the battleground and how devastating it is, there is no telling that he may possibly object to her methods one way or the other.
However, it’s possible Daenerys is just following Granny Tyrell’s advice to become an iron queen who is to be feared. 
I expect Cersei to be shocked that Daenerys came this close to Westeros and that they’ve lost a huge chunk of the money meant to sway the iron bank in her favour. Also, she will be glad to see Jamie alive, and will definitely use Daenerys decision to kill that many soldiers to her favour by making everyone see her like they saw her grandfather – A Mad King.

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Episode 5 will air on HBO on Sunday 13th.
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