First Look At Season 7 Poster of Game of thrones

The wait for a new season of Game Of Thrones is always a long one, but the latest off-season has been especially difficult for fans. Since there are more scenes taking place in the winter landscapes, the show’s production caused a delay in its release.

It’s tough to wait until the summer months to get a new season of Game Of Thrones – especially when the previous season ended on such an epic note – and HBO understands your pain.
At SXSW this week, the network debuted the first poster for the new season – and it’s teasing so much.

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It’s a simple poster, just announcing that the show is having a seventh season. However, in its simplicity, the image creates an incredible battle.
Most of the poster is covered with ice, but there’s plenty of fire dancing around it. This is telling fans that the powers of ice and fire are finally coming to a head.
The message of fire and ice is one that Game Of Thrones fans have been talking about for a while, and it could mean a couple of things.
For one, it could be teasing the coming war between the humans and White Walkers or the Dragons and White Walkers. The two parties have slowly been inching toward an enormous battle, and they’re closer to it now than ever before.
The other message here is that Jon Snow and Daenerys – who we now know are related – will finally meet. Jon is of the North, and represents the ice. Dany, on the other hand, represents the fire of the dragon.
Game of Thrones Season 7 will air on HBO in the summer of 2017.
Source: Comicbook
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