Doctor Doom Actor Prefers Being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The last attempt to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise was a rousing failure and disappointment. With fans wishing the rights of the characters revert back to Marvel… so that theyMarvel can either do a better job, or at least allow the Fantastic 4 appear in movies in the MCU like Spiderman currently does after Sony split the rights of the character 50/50 with Marvel.

No one is sure what the future holds for the movie adaptation of Fantastic 4 franchise, however, one actor from the last movie’s failed reboot says he won’t be in a Fantastic Four 2, even if there is one.

Toby Kebbell, who played Doctor Doom, or something like him, seems adamant that he won’t be playing the role again.

In an interview with HeyUGuys, Toby Kebbell says that he won’t be in any Fantastic Four sequel because Doom’s fate was pretty much sealed at the end of the last movie.

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According to Kebbell, the limitations of Doctor Doom to the Fantastic Four Universe isn’t something he is really comfortable with, because in the comics, Doctor Doom has faced almost everyone in the Marvel Universe (even weilding the Infinity Gauntlet at some point),
However, Kebbell’s dream will never become reality as long as Fox holds the rights to the character,
There have been rumors that Fox might seek a “joint custody” arrangement with the Fantastic Four similar to what Sony has done with Spider-Man. However, up to this point, those have only appeared to be rumors. For what it’s worth Toby Kebbell seems much more interested in potentially playing Doctor Doom again if something like that actually happened.

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