Checkout Oliver and Felicity’s #Olicity Workout Routine

Arrow has been on air for five seasons now, and in that time, we’ve seen Oliver do all sorts of workout routines in the series to boost muscle mass and go past the limits of a human bein’g phyical strength. From the salmon ladder, to one-handed pushups, to lifting heavy cement blocks and other muscle-tearing workouts.
Although we began to see Oliver Queen do less working out and more team briefing before going on “missions,” Stephen Amell – who plays the emerald archer – took the workout routines off camera for fans to see him geting in shape, looking all ripped and ready to go in his green suit.

Since true fans of the show are already used to Felicity’s love and friendship on and off camera, it’s also no surprise to see them gym and have some fun “Olicity” wokout routines.

Checkout Olicity’s new workout routine below:

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