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Ever since The CW began growing its DC Comics television universe – introducing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) on Arrow then giving him a spinoff in The Flash – the network has featured crossovers between its series. The Arrow and The Flash crossover in late 2015 worked to set up Legends of Tomorrow, then last year’s mega-crossover introduced Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) to the majority of the Earth-1 heroes after Supergirl moved to The CW from CBS following its first season. But, while The CW already had its big crossover for this season with the three-night ‘Invasion!’ storyline, another team-up is still headed our way.

In two weeks time Barry and Kara are set to join forces for The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover in which they’ll battle the DC Comics villain Music Meister, portrayed by Darren Criss – a Glee alum who appeared on Fox’s musical dramedy alongside both Gustin and Benoist. Although The CW debuted the first promo for the musical crossover last night, it didn’t include a look at Music Meister. Now, the first image from the team-up episode features Music Meister and another Arrowverse character set to appear.
EW released a new image from The Flash’s March 21st episode, titled ‘Duet’, in which the majority of the crossover storyline will take place – after a brief set up in Supergirl’s March 20th episode, ‘Star-Crossed’, similar to the show’s lead-in to the ‘Invasion!’ storyline. Additionally,, TV Guide Magazine, Mashable, and E! News debuted photos from the episode. Take a look in the gallery below.

Source: Screenrant
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