#BBNaija 2019 Rules: Social Media Accounts Will Get Banned For Posting Videos

Organizers of the upcoming BBNaija reality TV show have presented strict rules, that will see social media and YouTube accounts getting banned for posting their contents.

Social media influencer @dhayourcreme, who was at their press briefing yesterday (Tuesday 25th, June,) revealed this via his IG stories.

According to him, if a social media account posts a video of the BBNaija show which the owner recorded with his mobile phone in front of his TV, the account will be banned.

Picture contents in whatever shape or form can’t be uploaded to social media as long as they relate to the BBNaija reality TV show.

The only content that social media users can upload is that which DSTV uploads and they must be credited for it. If they don’t get credited for it, or if anyone puts their own watermarks on BBNaija’s contents, the accounts will also get banned.

Read more in screenshots below.


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