Alfred Pennyworth


Creators: Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson
Fictional universe: DC Universe 
Whether it’s the help he receives on the Gotham streets from Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing, the legitimacy provided to his crusade by Commissioner Gordon or the super-powered backup brought in by his colleagues in the Justice League, Batman has a lot of friends. But only one of them has stood alongside the Caped Crusader since childhood: his loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Bruce’s life wasn’t the only one that was changed with the squeeze of that gunman’s trigger. A family friend and faithful butler, whose father had served as the Waynes’ butler before him, Alfred took on the responsibility of raising young Bruce after the murder of his parents. Caring deeply for the Wayne family, Alfred knew that the best way to honour the legacy of Thomas and Martha Wayne was ensuring their son grew into the man they would have wanted. He tried to mould the angry, confused boy into a savvy businessman who would be well-suited to take over his father’s business.

But Bruce had a far different way of honouring his parents in mind, and when he adopted the cowl, Alfred came along for the ride, tirelessly guarding his employer’s secret while providing some much-needed assistance. Whether it’s skilled technical support, medical aid or simply managing the complicated schedule that comes with being a business leader, nighttime vigilante and wealthy playboy—it’s all under the purview of Mr. Pennyworth. Driven by love and an unwavering sense of loyalty, Alfred nevertheless worries deeply about Bruce. 

He understands the importance of Batman to a city such as Gotham, but after a lifetime of raising Bruce, he still sees a young, scared boy where most see a hardened hero. And every night the bat-signal flashes across the city skyline is another night that boy will spend searching for a way to undo something that could never be undone. A search that Alfred realises could very well lead to his end.

Source: DC

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