8 Nigerian Comics You Should Be Reading Right Now

Comics are, have been, and will always be one of the most-loved things ever. It’s a world of its own; a world filled with endless possibilities, intimate and intricate stories, and arcs that have us experiencing every possible emotion from reaching for our box of tissues to jumping up in excitement and doing the shaku shaku dance. 

We’ve read (and are reading) great comics and watching movies of comic book characters like Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc. But many don’t know that there are many Nigerian comics out there and below are 8 comics that you should definitely be reading.

If Spawn, Ghost Rider and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat ever had a baby or found a way to fuse their powers together, then the product would be Eru (which means “fear” in Yoruba language). Eru follows the life of a University professor who by day is what everyone knows him as, but at night becomes the embodiment of fear itself. The stories and characters pools together many Nigerian myths like “Madam KoiKoi”, “Mami Water”, and many other spiritual and cultural things. If you are a fan of any and all of the above, then I suggest you read ERU.

Read Eru here


Ireti is a school student based in Ibadan. She’s a mystery and myth passed down from generation to generation by the gods. She’s a skilled warrior and wields magical equipment that makes her formidable in her own right. She’s kind of a depowered Wonder Woman. By depowered, I mean we don’t know the full extent of her powers yet as she is still learning just who and what she is. If you love Wonder Woman, then Ireti is definitely your kind of comic.

Read Ireti here


Think of a better and more refined Superman; that’s Guardian Prime. He’s a Fashion Designer who dons the colours of Nigeria to fight crime. He’s got super speed, strength can shoot our energy beams from his hands, and can channel his anger to burn as hot as a blue star – which increases his powers 100 times over. There are two concurrent comics: Guardian Prime and Guardian Prime; Genesis, and you have to read them both to better understand his story.

Read Guardian Prime here


Witches exist, right? I mean we’ve heard of them in different parts of the country. That’s who Aje is basically (Aje means “witch” in Yoruba). Aje is a Unilag student who has the powers of magic itself. She has the powers to do any and everything possible as long as she says it in Yoruba. So if you love magic, Doctor. Strange and Dr. Fate, then you should definitely get Aje and read it.

Read Aje here


Elements is like a Game of Thrones meets Warcraft kind of comic. There are a lot of characters, plots and subplots to keep you hooked on every page of the comic. In a place where magic is alive, a King is fighting to keep his throne, raise a son (who others consider a taboo) to become the next King while also preparing to defend both his sons and kingdom from usurpers who need both the Elements in the princes as well as the kingdom itself. You see, it seems complicated, but trust me, once you start reading it, you wouldn’t want to stop.

Read Elements here


Hero Generation follows the lives of 3 teenagers; Power Boy, Nu-Tech, and Max Speed as they scale obstacles upon obstacles, saving people and developing into the kind of heroes that Nigeria needs them to be. The comic is filled with action-packed scenes, a lot of comedy and witty humour, and a level of relatability that Nigerian youths can accept. If you are a lover of DC Comics’ Teen Titans, then Hero Generation is the comic for you.

Read Hero Generation here


This goes without saying that if you haven’t heard about this comic, then you have probably been living under a rock for the past 15 or so years. Super Strikas follows the trials of Shegz Okoro and his teammates as they try to become the Number 1 football club in the Nigerian Premier League. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Super Strikas before, then I ask again, what have you been doing the last dozen years?

Read Supa Strikas


Vanguard is a superhero team consisting of Guardian Prime, Hero Generations, Aje, Eru, Ireti and a couple of others who assemble to take down world-threats like the Avengers, Justice League and other well-known superhero teams do.

Read Vanguard here

There you have it, those are 8 Nigerian comics that you should definitely be reading right now. If there are other comics I missed out on, please recommend them to me in the comment section below.


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