Watch The Official and Explosive Trailer For Justice League

After leagues of teaser trailers were released by Warner Bros all through the week for the biggest movie in the DCEU (so far), the studio did Justice to their promise of releasing the official trailer for Justice League today… And I must say, it is just too action packed to be anything short of amazing.

Watch the official trailer below

The trailer has some badass moments for the other major characters that we haven’t seen much of in the DCEU so far. From Cyborg using his sonic arm cannon, to Aquaman keeping a huge wave at bay, and landing on Batman;s batmobile so easily. The Flash also had some amazing moments, dodging shots so easily and racing through the trailer with ease. 
We also got a good look at J.J Simmon’s Jim Gordon, who will have a bigger role to play in The Batman solo movie… The one notable exception from the trailer is Superman, and Warner Bros have played his role in the movie pretty close to the chest so far. It’s no surprise he hasn’t been featured in any promotional campaign so far.
Batman and Wonder Woman assemble a team of metahumans to defend the earth against Steppenwolf and the parademons who are looking for the mother boxes and also want to conquer earth.
Justice League charges into theatres on November 17.
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