“Rick And Morty” Has Been Renewed For 70 Episodes

Currently, there are 31 episodes of Rick and Morty. Those 31 episodes have been sprawled out across three seasons, and have taken almost 4 years to air. Although the future of Rick and Morty seemed to be in danger, Adult Swim has finally stepped up and renewed their most popular show for 70 episodes, over double the number of episodes available right now. 
According to The Hollywood ReporterRick and Morty was ranked as television’s number one comedy, cable or broadcast, among millennials in 2017.  In the range of adults 18-24 and 18-34, it beat out Saturday Night Live, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family to claim the top spot. If you haven’t seen the hilarious and intelligent cartoon series, here is our list of the best episodes. A parody of the series was released on April Fool’s Day this year, which is somewhat disturbing, but no less intriguing, than the actual show itself.
The new deal will place Rick and Morty at 101 episodes, whenever the creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon get around to releasing them. There is no concrete date for when fans should expect new episodes, and the creators have famously taken their time releasing new content in the past. In the television world, reaching over 100 episodes marks official syndication territory.
Source: HotNewHipHop

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