Quam’s Money Movie Review

Quam's money movie review

Quam’s Money follows the adventures of security guard-turned-millionaire ‘Quam’ as he navigates the world with his newfound wealth.

If you’ve watched the trailer for this movie, then you already know that Quam got scammed and is trying to get his money back by employing the street smart means he has.

I doff my hat to Falz for an amazing performance. He was not only the best part of the movie, but he carried the lead role in an amazing manner worthy of accolades.

The musical score was really good and Kayode Kasum’s directing was on point even though the fight/action scenes were sloppy…Especially when one considers how little they were in number.

The movie was very low on the cinematography part. There weren’t any visually striking scenes that impressed me or that I found memorable. Maybe the only one was Falz’s downward spiral scene.

Story-wise, the movie was impressive until it wasn’t, then it became impressive again. It was like a consistent wave of highs and lows majorly because of the plot twists.

While some of the plot twists were good, they sometimes made the film drag on when it shouldn’t have, and like The Set Up, the same writer (Naz) somehow wrote himself into a corner that required heavy plot armour to bring the character out of.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the movie and barr the lows, the movie will give you the right dose of comedy and good feeling you crave this December.

So is Quam’s Money worth watching? Yes it is.

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