Power Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Everyone Gunning For Grieving Ghost

power season 6 episode 1 review

Power Season 6 Episode 1 picked up straight from where season 5 left off; with the aftermath of Tommy’s hit and miss-ish. It felt really good watching Power after the long wait and the episode didn’t waste time in establishing the many directions and turns The Final Betrayal would take.

For the most part, Ghost St. Patrick has not only lost all the women he ever loved but now has every single person on the show;  from his family (Tasha and Riq), Tommy, to the DA’s office all gunning for his head for various reasons. It feels like his many sins and transgressions have finally caught up to him and it will be a very daunting task to take on all the opposing forces hitting him from different angles alone.

Tommy’s miss has sent him on a path that will take more than a miracle to keep him safe on. If not for the quick-thinking Jason, Tommy would not have lasted the episode. However, he has one thing Ghost doesn’t; allies from every angle. Save for Tasha and the DA, many key players on the show are on his side and this will no doubt help him in the long run.

Tasha has been one character who’d been losing a lot since the first season, but she is now coming into her own. The loss of her lover has opened her eyes to going after Ghost in two very detrimental ways for him; divorce and his life. She is out for blood and Ghost will suffer the consequences of his actions.

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Tariq is one character I feel will be the wildcard in determining what happens at the end of the show. His loyalty lies with anyone who is loyal to him. Ghost has lost that loyalty, and Tariq’s naivety makes him believe that he is better off with the likes of Tommy and the rest. And though, Tasha warned him not to pick sides, he seems too dyed by K’naan’s hate for Ghost for him to stand on neutral ground.

The DA is no doubt shaking things up and grasping at as many straws as possible, hoping it will lead to them convicting the one person they’ve been out for since the beginning; Ghost. However, it looks like they are looking at the game through just one lens instead of seeing the big picture and going through angles that will surely bring about the outcome they want.

All in all, I loved the first episode. It set the tone for the season perfectly and the dialogue, scenes, direction, soundtrack and music all synced in perfect harmony to create an episode that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of anyone who watches it.

Power Season 6 Episode 1 is currently available to stream on Starz.

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