Power Rangers and Justice League Crossover Needs To Happen For This Reason, According To The Director

Crossovers are the dreams of every comic and cartoon lover. Amazing crossover comics like Justice League and The Avengers, The Batman and Teenage ninja Mutant turtles, and The Avengers and Attack on titan have all been warmly received by fans and “nerds” worldwide. One of the more interesting crossovers that has recently occurred in comics is the combination of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Justice League.

In an Interview with CinemaBlend, Power Rangers director Dean Israelite spoke of just how much he’d love to see the crossover happen not just in the comic universe, but also on the big screen as well. Dean spoke about how the tonal disparity between both universes makes it a genuinely compelling idea. Israelite said:

    “I was really excited when I heard about the new comics that are combining them with the DC world and the Justice League. I actually think that’s a phenomenal idea. … What I think is so interesting about that is there’s a real darkness and a grittiness to the DC world, and we’ve gone in a different direction. Of course, hopefully this movie feels edgy and raw in terms of the teenage world. But what I ultimately remember about Power Rangers is sort of this warmth and this heart and this joyousness from my childhood watching, and I think that contrast could be really interesting [on screen].”

Although Power Rangers appears to be shooting for a somewhat grittier tone than the original show from the 1990s, the upcoming film still seems to maintain an incredibly lighthearted sense of fun and optimism. By contrast, the current incarnation of the DCEU has wholeheartedly embraced its darker edges. Although those concepts appear antithetical on the surface, Dean Israelite seems to think that allowing them to intermingle and influence each other could allow both franchises to go in some exciting directions.
While we are hoping for a crossover, we can, however, in the meantime check out Power Rangers when it gets released on March 23
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