One Of The Avengers Wants To Play Blade

Although the 90s hit movie hasn’t been given enough credit for being a very successful comic book movie in that era, Blade Trilogy – played by Wesley Snipes – definitely set the mark for Marvel in terms of revenue and success.
Many have cried for a reboot of the “day walker.” And while the cries have fallen on deaf ears, there are still continuous speculations about Marvel Studios planning on bringing the character back from the 90s to make either another string of movies or turn it into a “more successful” TV series like Daredevil.

However, if any of the speculations were to become real, Anthony Mackie – who plays Falcon in the Marvel cinematic Universe – has expressed his desire to play the role of Blade… mostly because he just wants to be like Wesley Snipes.
“I pretty much want to grow up to be Wesley Snipes. If we can bring back Blade, I’d definitely be Blade in every Blade movie.”
Mackie will have some serious competition for that role if a Blade reboot or Series was given the green light by Marvel Studios because Wesley Snipes also expressed his genuine interest in playing Blade, should the character “come back to life.”

It will be hard for Anthony to get the role… albeit not impossible, if Blade was made into a TV Series. But if it’s to be rebooted as a movie, playing a major role as both Falcon and Blade in the MCU will be extremely hard for both Mackie and Marvel Studios to pull off.
Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios has previously said that Marvel will do something with Blade at some point, but the last we heard there were no specific plans, so Blade continues to sit on the shelf until somebody has an idea.
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