Janelle Monae May Play Domino in Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 already has enough buzz and anticipation, thanks to its hugely successful prequel.. not to mention the short clip in Logan which was just basking in lots of easter eggs and teases for the movie that’s scheduled to release January next year.

With the announcement of X-Men characters like Cable and Domino to appear in Deadpool 2 alongside Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, so many speculations have swarmed the internet about who will play the roles of both Cable and Domino.

That speculation has seen everyone from Pierce Brosnan to Stranger Things‘ David Harbour thrown into the running for the time-traveling mutant. As for Domino – a gifted mercenary with luck-based powers – the speculated front runner was Scandal’s Kerry Washington… but new rumours swarming the geek world says that singer-turned-actor Janelle Monae may be fox’s number one choice for the role.
That Hashtag Show are reporting that one of their sources has discovered that the Hidden Figures and Moonlight star is the leading candidate to play Domino, aka Neena Thurman. Given her quickly rising star in Hollywood thanks to her work in two of last year’s Best Picture Oscar-nominated films (one of which won Best Picture, no less), it makes sense that a studio would want to recruit her for a big-budget film. Given her look and age, Monáe is certainly a match for Domino, too.
Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, has already said Cable and Domino will blow people’s minds, so it’s only fair for FOX to cast amazing actors to suit the role… and Janelle Monae is definitely one.
Meanwhile, we know Daredevil architect Drew Goddard has joined the film to help flesh out the script. His involvement will likely only help right the ship given how rocky things have been following the departure of original director Tim Miller.
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