Is Breaded Life Worth Watching?

Breaded Life tells the story of a rich spoilt brat who wakes up one day to find that no one knows who he is except a bread seller, and his new life on the street begins. Now, he has to hustle his way out of the streets to live the good life he once did.

I have come to truly appreciate how well Biodun Stephen makes movies that leave a deep impression on viewers, and Breaded Life isn’t any different.

It’s a story that tells you things as is, it shows you the glamour life that you aspire to live, and also shows you the beauty of hustling on the street and appreciating the life you have and the little you can afford.

I commend Bimbo Ademoye’s acting once more because she was a beauty to watch, and Timini Egbuson was no slouch either in doing justice to his character. However, I really do hope he doesn’t get typecast as the “rich spoilt brat” in Nollywood. It would seem like a waste of the talent he definitely has.

The costume was good for the most part. However, it seems costume designers still don’t know how to capture wealthy people in their homes, with Tina Mba’s character wearing clothes and jewelry like she’s about to go for an owambe while she’s inside her house. Also, the sfx makeup seemed off sometimes (I can’t say whether that was how it actually was, or maybe the picture was a little too dark.

Overall, it’s a movie with a lot of heart and you can feel the development of the character because while you start off rolling your eyes and wanting to beat the crap out of him, you find yourself genuinely feeling for him and even rooting for him at some point.

It’s an easy movie that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Is Breaded Life worth watching? Yes, it is.

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