Game of Thrones s7e7 Review: 4 Things We Learnt From The Season Finale

‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ began with the wight summit at the neutral grounds of Blackwater. It was really good seeing familiar faces in a form of reunion after many episodes apart; Bronn and Tyrion, Bienne or Tarth and The Hound, and The Squire and Tyrion before the diplomatic discuss of the much-needed alliance to defeat the White Walkers…(who at the end of the episode, had made their way past Eastwatch).
The one thing we could take out of the meeting is that the Queens, Cersei and Daenerys, both love to be fashionably late… Did I hear someone say Slay Queens?
The 77-minute episode provided us with quality family moments, as The Hound was seen squaring up to his Brother – Cersei’s personal bodyguard – briefly before going to bring out the wight, Tyrion and Cersei Lannister talked and briefly set aside their differences, Theon Greyjoy went back to save his sister, Arya and Sansa finally bonded, and Jon and Dany mixed more than their Targaryen blood passionately.

Cersei Is The True Mad Queen

Take nothing from the most murderous woman in Westeros, as she did the one thing that all noble rulers can’t do effortlessly; lie through their teeth. Cersei choosing power, ruling, and expanding her territory over defeating the more pressing enemies marching to the North says a lot about how mad and drunk on power she has become… Even threatening to kill her lover and brother Jamie should he commit treason (which in this case is him going to fight alongside Dany, Jon and Tyrion to defeat the White Walkers). Jamie’s desertion of her and her role is surely his way of protecting the seven kingdoms and her rule, as well as redeeming himself for the wrongs he has done from the first episode up to this point.

It Pays To Be Cockless

Theon Greyjoy will be thanking Bolton on his way to the Iron Islands for removing his cock, as that was what helped him win the fight and rally the remaining troops to go save his sister.

The significance of Jon Snow’s real name

Sam and Bran realising Jon – sorry, Aegon Targaryen’s – real name is the greatest table-turner of the series so far, because the one who actually doesn’t want to be a king, has the greatest claim to the throne. Also, Jon and Dany’s passionate lovemaking will make them the power couple of GOT and also the rightful King and Queen of the seven kingdoms (if they become an item).

Sansa Has Grown

The greatest twist came from Sansa and Arya plotting to kill Baelish without him realising. One of the greatest con men in the series was out-conned by the two people he never expected. Sansa showed that she wasn’t someone who could be manipulated easily and she will make good on being a good asset to Winterfell like her sister, Arya. Sansa being the brains, and Arya being the brawn, and Bran being all-seeing, will make the Starks an unbeatable family.
The season finale ended with ‘wight Viscerion’ blowing the wall in Eastwatch to smithereens as they continue marching to Winterfell. This will make for a great fight between Viscerion and Drogos in season 8. Red and Blue flames will meet, Dany/Jon and the Night King will battle in what may be the greatest depiction of war in TV history…
Mehn! 2018 can’t come fast enough, huh?
I’m still calling it, though. Jon Snow will get his aunt – Dany – pregnant! 

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