Captain Marvel Footage Description From CinEurope Presentation

While the footage itself is still being kept under wraps, some Marvel fans are revealing what the studio showed in regards to Captain Marvel at CineEurope.
The footage shown for Captain Marvel consisted of mostly behind the scenes footage from the project, meant to “introduce people to Carol Danvers” according to MCU Cosmic. The video package also highlighted Captain Marvel as the new face and leader of the franchise, saying “Captain Marvel is about to take the lead in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.” It isn’t mentioned in the report who specifically said that, but the footage also mentioned her powerset and made a point of illustrating how powerful she is.
Hopefully we’ll see the full footage at some point in the near future, though most of the materials presented by Marvel were constructed specifically for the CineEurope audience, so that might not happen.
It isn’t known when an actual full and official trailer will make its way to fans, but we’d bet it happens not crazy long after Ant-Man and The Wasp hits theaters, which is the last film cued up for Marvel before Captain Marvel hits theaters. After that, it is all hands on deck for Avengers 4, or at least the hands that are left after Thanos’ universe halving snap.
As for Captain Marvel, we have a few things on our wish list for the film, which you can see right here.
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