“Don’t Ever Feel Entitled to Win” – Beyonce Says in Powerful “Class of 2020” Speech

beyonce dear class of 2020 speech

The Lion King star, Beyonce, gave a heartfelt and powerful speech at YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020″, a virtual commencement celebration bringing together inspirational leaders, celebrities, and YouTube creators to celebrate graduates, their families, and their communities.

In her speech, the singer/actor spoke about her own struggles, the pivotal point in her career, her wins and losses, and how everyone can learn from them and be better for it. She said:

I’m often asked, ‘what’s your secret to success?’. The shorter answer: Put in that work. There may be more failures than victories. Yes, I’ve been blessed to have 24 Grammys, but I’ve lost 46 times. That meant rejection 46 times. Please don’t ever feel entitled to win; just keep working harder. Surrender to the cards you are dealt with. it’s from that surrender that you get your power. Losing can be the best motivator to get your bigger wins, so don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. There will be wins and losses, there will be tears and laughter. You’ll feel the shades of life deeply.

Now with success comes challenges. With your wins, you may notice people spending a lot of energy trying to tear you down. Try not to take it personally. Unfortunately, it’s something that comes along with success. Whenever you feel like you’re not in control, or the world is against you, let that vulnerability motivate you into greatness. That’s how I found my true self. I remain a work in progress, and that’s the beauty of growth. I’ve been happiest when I let go and allow life to show me the next move. When you bet on yourself, you’re making an investment into your own future. When you choose to spend your valuable time thinking, speaking typing negative thoughts, you’re investing in something that will give you absolutely no return on your investment.

Watch Beyoncé Commencement Speech | Dear Class Of 2020 below:

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