5 Disturbing Movies With Not-So-Happy Endings

Not every movie has a very happy or satisfactory ending.  As a matter of fact, some movies are so unusually inductive that they’d lure you to the end and leave you hanging with reverse results thus taking you way back to where you began.

These kinds of movies will most definitely leave you asking invisible questions with impossible answers. Here are some really disturbing movies to ponder about:


disturbing movies vivarium

A young couple is in search of a home and they come across a not so normal looking broker who takes them off to a so-called brand new house estate with identical buildings and then he just disappears. The couple tries to find their way back home but they can’t as they find themselves stuck in a maze. Out of nowhere, an abnormal baby boy appears with instructions and the couple can’t help wonder if they’ve been conned or kidnapped. They’re stuck with a weird child that grows like a weed and they still don’t succeed in escaping. This movie remains a mystery.


A group of friends decide to trek the Amazon and they face intense and real-life challenges along the way. They struggle to keep up as they began to face threats from the wild causing them to fight for survival. This movie focuses on the chaotic mental condition of a human being when he is lost and all alone in the jungle.


When you reach a conclusion and you almost believe that you have found all the answers and then you end up with more unanswered questions. Turns out Red wasn’t really herself at the end but the evil clone of herself and nobody knew except Pluto who from the look on his face was beginning to suspect.


Belko corp. has locked their employees in without warning and then a voice from an intercom instructs them that two workers must be killed within 30 minutes. Workers can’t help but laugh over something so ridiculous as they never saw the murder massacre coming when they begin to fight for survival. The ending of this movie is a plot twist of its own.


Garrett is a star on YouTube with so many fans and he tries not to get involved with any of them. Little did he know that his entire world was about to turn upside down with an obsessed fan on the loose.


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